Cheltenham Festival Races Fashion

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest sporting events on the Irish and British horseracing calendar. Not only is it a major sports event, but the Cheltenham Festival is also a social event that attracts hundreds of thousands of racegoers and punters during the four-day extravaganza.

The Cheltenham Festival begins Tuesday, 10 March and continues to Friday, March 13 at Prestbury Park. The iconic horserace meeting features 28 fantastic races. The number of top trainers, jockeys, and horses on offer is incredible and will have the latest information and odds available for punters before and during each day of the races.

One of the biggest events of the Cheltenham Festival is not on the racetrack. The four-day horse race meeting is the place to see high-fashion as racegoers doll themselves up each day. Cheltenham Festival races fashion is a major part of the race meeting as racegoers want to be seen and show off their threads.

The Blue Riband of jumps races, the Cheltenham Gold Cup Day, sees suits, dresses, and hats on those that enjoy the full slate of races on the final day. Of course, it is often Ladies Day in which the best of the best come out in clothing.

Throughout the Cheltenham Festival, our well-dressed staff will collect the best Cheltenham Festival free bets, bookmaker offers, and promotions. Horseracing fans and punters can visit each day of the festival to stay up to date on the news and fashion taking place at the races.

When it comes to Cheltenham Festival races fashion, there is no official dress code. With that said, there is very much an unofficial dress code for all racegoers at Prestbury Park. If you hope to enter and mingle in the exclusive areas, then you better be dressed to the nines or the Cheltenham Festival races fashion police will boot you out!

The Festival takes place in March (March 10th to March 11th). Therefore, the weather has a major impact on the outfit choices of racegoers. The weather can be very unpredictable when the gates open. So, you may want to wear a warm outfit to keep the March chill off your skin. Although the racing action will be hot, the weather can be downright cold.

Cheltenham Racecourse recommends dressing for the weather but many ladies still wear dresses and hats. Dresses may not seem the warmest attire choice while hats can be victims of the cold Cotswold wind.

The hospitality suites and Club Enclosure are the areas in which racegoers should be impeccably dressed. Although the Cheltenham Festival races fashion unofficial rules can be strict, fancy dress is allowed at the races. However, fancy dress is banned from the Club Enclosure throughout the festival.

What should ladies wear to Cheltenham

Ladies often ask, “What to wear at Cheltenham?” The answer to this can be complex. While ladies will want to look their best, especially on Ladies Day (day two of the festival, Wednesday, March 11), they should dress for cool Cotswold weather.

Fashion experts claim that earthy tones are always in style when it comes to the Cheltenham Festival. Each year, women descend on the race festival in dress, coats, and hats featuring earthy tones. So, if you don’t know what to wear at Cheltenham, go with an outfit based on earthy tones.

Classic clothing labels you can expect to be worn this year at the Cheltenham Festival are Coast, Burberry, and Vivienne Westwood. All three are highly popular on the day. In fact, Ladies Day can become a bit of a competition between racegoers for the best-looking outfit.

The royal family is often a major influence on race fashion. So, don’t be surprised to see others imitate the royal family’s look on race day. Ladies often wear heels and don hats for the festival. These are great ways to top off outfits and truly bring out the class.

What Should Men Wear at Cheltenham

Want to know what to wear at Cheltenham if you are male? Well, look no further than the classic Cheltenham suit. A classic suit will never steer you wrong when attending the Cheltenham Festival. No matter your shape or size, a classic suit is perfect. A suit is also a great option as it works with the different weather that can occur at Prestbury Park. The great thing for men is they may already have a suit in their closet to wear. You may not need to purchase a new suit for the event. However, you may want to purchase new classy looking threads to really impress others around Cheltenham Racecourse.

Dark suits tend to prevent you from blending into the rest of the race going crowd. So, you will want to choose your colours appropriately. Experts suggest a deep blue or navy suit as the best option. The colours are incredibly versatile. No matter where you want to go on the racecourse, the VIP tent or the bookies, deep blue or navy is the way to go.

Choose a patterned suit carefully. A pattern can be overwhelming and you should be cautious when selecting your suit.

With the Cheltenham Festival upcoming, it is time to get your outfits ready. Our staff of writers have theirs picked out and will have the latest odds and bet bonuses for you to use when wagering on the Cheltenham Festival. Don’t miss a minute of the action with


Is there a dress code at Cheltenham Racecourse?

Contrary to what you may think, there is no official dress code for attending Cheltenham Festival. If you have tickets for the more exclusive areas of Cheltenham Racecourse, such as the club enclosure or panoramic restaurant, then you will be expected to dress appropriately.

Where can I find Cheltenham races outfit ideas?

Ultimately it is up to you what you decide to wear to Cheltenham Racecourse. If you are going as a one-off event or have never been before, you may want to get dressed to the nines. If not, it is possible to attend in less formal attire.

Is fancy dress allowed at Cheltenham Racecourse?

Yes, fancy dress is permitted at Cheltenham Festival. However, it must not be offensive and Cheltenham Racecourse guidelines state that racegoers may be refused entry should the outfit not adhere to such rules.

What shoes should ladies wear at Cheltenham Racecourse?

Again, this is completely down to personal preference and what tickets you hold. The weather is likely to play a big role in this decision, so make sure to check out our weather page to have a look at the forecast.

What outfit stores are there in Cheltenham?

Cheltenham has several different shopping locations including the Regent Arcade Shopping centre, which is just a 24-minute walk from Cheltenham Racecourse.  


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